Current Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to help our community and to make us the best possible emergency medical service available.

Current volunteer position

  • Volunteer ALS

    Whether you have just gotten your Paramedic or AEMT-CC card, or have had it for awhile, we offer tons of volunteer opportunities for you to grow and become a great practitioner.

  • Volunteer EMT

    If you're a new BLS technician, or looking to expand your horizon at a new place, we have ton's of options for you! Tons of training opportunities and a high call volume make us a great location to hone your BLS skills. Current CPR card and EMT certification required.

  • Volunteer Assistant

    Do you have no EMS experience but still want to help us out and help those in your community? Talk to us about becoming a volunteer assistant. You will work closely with our career and volunteer crews to get the skills necessary to help us with patient care, driving, and general base duties. This is a great step to learning about what we do, and then eventually moving on to your EMT and Paramedic certifications.

our requirements

We work hard, play hard, and support our members well. We thus require the best from our members.

All that we require from our volunteer members is a commitment of 12 hours a month. We do prefer that you do more time, as medicine is an ever evolving world and there is so much to learn and do.

Successful stories


I enjoy the people that I call my employees and the job that they perform for the community.

Tracey White

I feel like I'm part of a family when I come to work. I actually enjoy getting up, coming to work, and enjoy the people that I work with and for. No other agency has treated me this well.

Don Borland

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